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Gallery Wrap Canvases

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Gallery Wraps are a way to turn any photo into a work of art. We offer both Fine Art Canvas and Metallic and Lustre Photographic Paper Gallery Wraps with various laminate, size, and hanging options. Beautifully hand-crafted with solid wood, Gallery Wraps are available in popular and custom sizes. Hang Gallery Wraps in groupings to create full wall collages.

Premium Gallery Wraps are hand-constructed in two different depths, while the Gallery Wrap is only available in the popular 1-1/2” depth. Remember, whichever size you choose plan for the extra space needed for wrapping around the entire frame.

1 ½” Gallery Wraps + Premium Gallery Wraps

Add 2” to each side for a total of 4 extra inches to your final image size.

2 ½” Premium Gallery Wraps

Add 3” to each side for a total of 6 extra inches to your final image size.Not available for standard Gallery Wraps.

Gallery Wraps can be purchased through your client gallery or by contacting Elizabeth Suter.

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