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Though photography started as a hobby, shooting his family and friends, it's now evolved into his passion. He started to develop his digital photography talent when he began shooting abstracts over 15 years ago. Six years ago Richard began shooting as a Tennessee Titans photographer. This has opened up doors with the Country Music Hall of Fame, the Tennessean, City of Hope and much more. Richard has worked with several artists to create album covers and personal portraits. He enjoys shooting sporting events, concerts, families and people, weddings, special events and commercial and corporate photos.

Five years, ago he left the car business and became a full time photographer. Richard and Elizabeth married and he began shooting weddings. Getting to meet clients who are just starting out their lives together is pretty amazing. 

When photographing your event or family Richard has a unique ability to capture images filled with emotions and detail. Photographs you will treasure forever.


She's an unapologetic geek who loves the latest gadget! Elizabeth has worked in video production for over 10 years and started shooting still photography after Richard Suter after they got married. She has an extensive background in many types dance and live theater. Having been classically trained in ballet, Elizabeth has a deep knowledge of body lines and how to position people to make them look their best! While Richard focuses on most of the shooting and the editing, her focus is on design, website, blog and social media marketing. Her type “A” personality keeps Richard in line and on schedule!

Richard Suter Photography

Richard and Elizabeth were married December 4th, 2009. They love to travel, work together and yes, love being married! They often joke that it feels like we've been married for 37 years. They just fell into a routine and have had a blast ever since!

Richard and his wife Elizabeth shoot as a team during most sessions and weddings. Its' a great way to have a lot of fun with the bride and groom and your closest friends and family!

The best way to get to know us is to meet us! As you can see from our pics, we love to have fun and act up! Feel free to give us a call and well set up a meeting, no obligation of course! We know that the best photography comes when the client and the photographer can relax and have fun! Before you invest in the most important photographs of your life, invest in a few minutes to meet with us!

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